Morse Code has changed the way people communicated, and thus, the course of history.

At Morse Decoder (Turkish Patent and Trademark Office: 2021/186923), we offer a free and easy-to-use Morse Code Translator that can be used to translate Morse code to text and text to Morse code. You can use our online Morse Code app to play the sound of the Morse code.

We currently serve our online Morse translator and decoder in 25 languages. Our translator supports Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Japanese, Korean, and Thai alphabets. Millions of people have used our translator, and it has been growing ever since.

If you'd like to integrate a Morse translator on your website, you can either embed Morse Code Translator or use the morse-decoder package for free.


Morse Decoder has been developed by Burak Özdemir, who is a computer engineer living in Turkey.

To contact us: burakozdemir {@} protonmail (.) ch